A New Joint Commitment to Recycle the 240 million Pounds of PET Thermoformed Packaging Landfilled in California Every Year

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The largest fully-integrated cradle-to-cradle PET packaging company in California—rPlanet Earth—is engaging with Green Impact Plastics in an exclusive agreement to jointly develop and manage the purchase of post-consumer thermoform bales from California and other southern states that have cost effective transportation logistics. Download

PRCC Case Study

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Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc. (Cascadia) was tasked with developing a case study on the Plastics Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC). The objective of this case study was to describe what PRCC is, and what the organization does in a simple and accessible way for key audiences. This case study was built on findings from a review [...]

All plastics are not created equal

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Response by the PRCC to the Op-Ed appearing on December 24 in the San Francisco Chronicle authored by Michael Sangiacomo, CEO and President of Recology, entitled “It’s time to cut use of plastics.” Opinion // Open Forum All plastics are not created equal By Patty Moore February 4, 2019 The Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC) [...]


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Petrochemical companies are exploring the economic risks from increased use of plastics while also aligning their business models with future supply-demand curves. Market forces should pave the way ahead, once we address the fundamental inefficiencies in the marketplace. Download  

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